Pain Under Right Rib Cage
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Pain under right rib cage

Pain beneath the right rib cage is a common condition. Usually, it is related to some type of injury at some point in people’s lives. But this is not only the cause of pain below the right rib cage.

Several of them could be due to serious diseases and disorder which are characterized by pain in the rib which is only a small symptom. Let us discuss the common causes of pain below the right rib cage. Also, we will get an overview of the treatment for such pain.

What are the Reasons for the presence of Pain beneath the Right Rib Cage?

Pain beneath the right rib cage

As previously mentioned, pain in the rib could either be felt on the left or right side. Even if the causes of pain on both sides of the ribs are practically the same, presence of pain underneath the right rib cage has several more causes. What you see below are a few of the most common causes of pain under the right rib cage.

Inflammatory Cartilage – Inflammation of the cartilage is one of the most frequent causes of pain below the right rib cage. Actually, the cartilage is situated between the ribs and the breastbone CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO. Even though the pain will persists only for a very short time, this will result to a lot of discomfort for the individual.

Fracture or Injury – Ribs are bony structures and are somewhat susceptible to injuries and fractures. Pain under the right rib cage can be a result of a serious injury caused by some accident or may be a fracture which directly affects the rib cage. Normally, the diagnosis for this condition is conducted with the aid of X-rays. It is determined whether or not, the rib cage is fractured.

Costochondritis- This is characterized by inflammation of the muscles located in the rib cage. Typically, pain and inflammation can be seen in the area in which the breastbone is attached to the rib cage. Respiratory infections due to a virus and excessive coughing which poses undue stress on the rib bones are the most frequent causes of costochondritis like pilonidal cyst.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – This is another common cause of pain beneath the right rib cage. Mostly, this is due to the propensity of eating more than what is necessary for the body, lack of exercises and lack of fibrous food in the diet. Since food will not be broken into simpler substances, this can lead to bloating and gas problems. Therefore, the gas that is produced will be trapped within the intestine.

Damage to the Liver – Any form of damage to the liver or liver infections will also result to pain underneath the right rib cage, read more on At times, cancer of the liver or any kind of liver disease can also lead to pain. Aside from the causes which have been mentioned above, diseases of the gallbladder will also be a cause of sharp pain beneath the right rib cage.